Four Absolutes for Building families

The decline and failure of the family is not some story about a faraway nation. It is reality in our nation NOW! We must aid all family leaders, marriage partners and those who are preparing for marriage. 

We do this when we:

  • Lay the biblical foundation for belief in the Bible as the book of absolutes, not suggestions.
  • Lay the biblical foundation that the family is the cornerstone of society
  • Lay the biblical foundation that Christ, His Word and His Spirit, when obeyed, will solve any and all complicated and simple family problems.
  • Lay the biblical foundation for right thinking about marriage, parenting and family by resisting public opinions, refusing weak theology and exposing questionable family practices in unstable, wavering, lukewarm Christians.

In the middle of a constantly changing culture, we have a God who is relevant, current and timely because He is the Author of timeless, changeless truths. If we are to be a family-blessing and a family-building Church, we must pay attention to God's blueprint for marriage and family.

Rev. Yat Wan Eu