life groups

In New Life City Church, members of our congregation participate in the life of the church by joining a life group (small group). Life groups facilitate several important elements of church life by providing quality care, relational discipleship, communication of vision and the integration of new believers into our church. They help to build a true community, continuously developing and releasing new leaders and encouraging evangelism. 

So join a life group today! This is an excellent way to meet new friends, and to study and share God's Word. We have a life group catered just for you – no matter what age you are, and no matter where you live. Adult life groups, Joshua Life (J-Life) University and High School life groups meet weekly on Friday nights or Saturday afternoons.

Adult Life groups

Locations and Leaders
  • Applecross (Elder SK Gan)
  • Canningvale (Pastor Angelina Eu / Elder Fred Sin)
  • Mt Lawley (Elder Evan and Genevieve Wong)
  • Kewdale (Amy Cheah)
  • Kewdale (Shamus Seow / Bernard Kho) (Saturday afternoon)

Young adults life groupS

Locations and Leaders
  • Dalkeith (Ben Tai / Jason Seow)


J-Life University Life Group

  • Campus (Joash Foo, Charmian Lin, Jason Seow)

J-Life High School Life Group

  • Overdrive Ministry (Yvonne / Jonathan Lau)

For more information, you may contact us at

  • Adult: Elder Seng Kian Gan
  • J-Life: Joseph Luo & Joash Foo