Early days as Genesis Fellowship

New Life City Church began in 1998 as a humble Bible study group with members from two local churches. With one of these churches moving out of its UWA home of many years, a vacancy was left in its wake. With their blessings, plans were made to form a new church – called Genesis Fellowship – to continue to cater for the students at UWA.

During these early years, the church was led by a board of elders, but as the church steadily grew, so did the needs of the people attending – one of which was for a resident pastor.

The next chapter: New Life City Church

In 2001, Pastor Benny Ho was invited to take on the role of a supervisory pastor. Together with a small pastoral team, Pastor Benny brought a new element into the church, which was then relaunched as New Life City Church. That same year, the youth ministry exploded onto the scene, taking on the name Joshua Life, or “J-Life”. With a new-found sense of direction and vision, both J-Life and NLCC became established as an integral part of the Australian Asian Churches Network. However, the board of elders still recognized the need for a full-time residential pastor.

New Life City Church as we know it

In September 2002, we welcomed Pastor Yat Wan Eu, his wife Angelina and their family to NLCC where they continue to serve. With a new injection of leadership, the church began to form new ministries, such as the young working adults group. With Pastor Yat Wan’s passion for overseas missions resounding in the church, the first missions team was sent to Thailand in 2004, and since then we have been sending Mission Impact Teams annually to places like Indonesia, East Malaysia, Cambodia and India.

The church journeyed on: the Constitution was finalised, and the first ‘Membership Sunday’ saw the vast majority of the congregation sign up. We walked together with church-wide programmes including 40 Days of Purpose, Just Walk Across The Room and MasterLife. Pastor Jason Tan came on board as Youth Pastor (2008 - 2014).

Our new home at 329 Orrong Road

Acquiring the property at 329 Orrong Road, Kewdale has been a journey of tremendous faith from NLCC’s members, and persistence and hard work from the Building Committee.

The property was put on the market for sale in early 2009, sparking keen interest from the committee. Our initial offer was declined and the project was subsequently abandoned. Six months later, the property remained unsold, and the project was revived as the seller became willing to entertain other offers. In September 2009, the congregation united in faith to pledge the required amount for a deposit, and with strong negotiations from the Building Committee, we were able to secure the property as our very own.

NLCC held its inaugural service on Sunday 13 December, and an in-house Christmas dinner less than a week later on Saturday 19 December – not only to celebrate Christmas, but to also celebrate the purchase of the new building while appreciating everyone’s faith and commitment in their generous giving. We have been blessed by our own church members and a team from Youth With A Mission who volunteered their time to do renovation works. On Sunday 14 February 2010, NLCC officially moved in, and it has not looked back! Our theme that year was “Building God’s House”, and NLCC is growing more united in its goal to fulfil its mission statement: “A united people with passion and purpose – Loving God, Making Disciples”.